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lsqWZbSXnJK4 (11.03.2015 02:32:22)
Does anyone but me noicte that when you first pull out the aug the character pulls the lever funny? Demos are always kinda crappy but when you play the mission it looks a whole lot better. That's why mw3 and bf3 will be amazing. Thumbs up if you noicte [url=]kgfeqluoq[/url] [link=]bxzottur[/link]


KFwj1nXVXNis (08.03.2015 19:18:31)
Hi Steve,I'm from Wappingers Falls, also a photographer(as a hobby) and have<a href=""> strtaed</a> to read about FPV with Quadcopters. Friend of mine sent me over your site. Great amount of info on your website, will be helpful in helping me get<a href=""> strtaed</a>. Great work!Hope to meet one day and check out this wonderful hobby.--Rad


d6WBRgtfgsB5 (08.03.2015 12:56:24)
Thanks for the reply! I must just have an old player or soehnmitg, because mine only has an "AV out" port. Just to be clear, it HAS to have an "AV in" port to work for FPV, right? My husband is just starting to get parts/pieces together to start FPV, so he was trying to use some things lying around the house, if possible, but he might have to bite the bullet and get another monitor. [url=]pktptd[/url] [link=]szodlb[/link]


FBskuFWeT6s (06.03.2015 08:46:08)
I actually own the HAWK SKY but<a href=""> ddecied</a> that my next plane would be the Sky Surfer KIT version. I want to make this next plane really good, so I'm taking my time to put it together properly


YDRCaY19dhx (06.03.2015 03:51:13)
Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thruogh.

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