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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2

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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 is a high-quality and technologically advanced flight stereo camera  for flying from first person view (FPV)! The camera generates the stereoscopic analog video in real time using the powerful FPGA chip. The video, which formed The BlackBird 2 has a clear and vivid picture, as it incorporates high-quality video sensor of the company Aptina that allows you to get maximum pleasure from using The BlackBird 2! 

The stereo camera The BlackBird 2 is recommended to use as a flight camera on a radio controlled model quadrocopter, cars, aircraft, etc. Also you can use it in your surveillance system.

Features of The BlackBird 2:

  • Wireless video transmission in 3D with a single video transmitter (single video channel)
  • Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE – a very popular 3D video format supported by many devices: 3D video glasses, 3D TVs, etc.
  • Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP 16:9 – special 3D video format for 3D FPV headset type Oculus Rift or other hats built on a single display
  • Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP manual is a manual setting CROP mode
  • 3D INTERLACE video – comfortable 3D video format to work with third-party OSD modules
  • 2D video mode
  • Dual-channel 3D video mode - allows you to obtain the best stereo image
  • Plugins
  • The voltage from 5 to 15 Volts and up to 150 mA consumption

What are the distinctions The BlackBird 2 from the other FPV cameras?

Video in 3D format:

People look at the world with two eyes and see its volume, it allows to man to orientate better in the space, gives the sense of speed and distance… When you use traditional 2D FPV camera, it is the same as to look at the world with one eye – to see the world flat, to see the world in 2D. Using 3D FPV camera The BlackBird you will receive 2 new sensations and emotions, you will look at the world with two eyes, you will see the world in volume – to see in 3D!

Video modes:

We wanted to make the camera universal and for this we have provided for various video formats: 3D SIDE BY SIDE 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP 16:9, 3D SIDE-BY-SIDE CROP manual, INTERLACE 3D, 2D videomode, dual-channel videomode. The extensive number of supported video formats enables you to use flight stereo camera The BlackBird 2 almost with all equipment, whether it be 3D TV/monitor, 3D video glasses or stereogram for FPV.

3D video modes stereoscopic flight camera The BlackBird 2

Video outputs:

The flight stereo camera The BlackBird 2 has 3 analog video outputs, with which you can simultaneously receive video:

  • the first output is needed to receive the 3D/2D video signal in the selected format.
  • the second video output gives video in 2D-format from the right sensor
  • the third video output gives video in 2D-format from the left sensor
3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 BACK SIDE
The transmission 3D/2D video on one or two channels:
  • One video channel for the receiving and transmission of 3D video in 3D format SIDE BY SIDE or 3D INTERLACE. You can use one of the standard FPV video transmitter and a video receiver with a frequency of 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
  • Two video channels are for use with video glasses 3D Sky Zone or with any other device (for example Transporter3D) where it is necessary to use two channels of video. You can use two standard FPV video transmitters and two video receiver and two with the frequency of 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz!


Мы решили сделать The BlackBird 2 по настоящему удобной камерой и избавить пользователя от мыслей где разместить видео передатчик… Ведь что может быть проще установки модуля видео передатчика на саму камеру?! Для этого на лицевой стороне камеры расположен специальный разъем, на который выведено видео и питание. Вы можете установить на камеру модуль видео передатчика или ик-подсветки, так же Вы можете разработать свой модуль и использовать его так как хотите Вы!

Size, weight and power of the camera:

3D FPV  камера The BlackBird 2 имеет небольшой вес в 21 грамм и очень удобный размер – Вы можете без проблем установить камеру на коптер, планер или радиоуправляемую машинку!
Питается камера от 5 до 15 Вольт, т.е. Вы можете подключить 3D FPV камеру The BlackBird 2 к бортовому Li-Po аккумулятору 2S - 3S.


The BlackBird 2 можно испоьзовать с любым устройством, которое поддерживает воспроизведение  3D видео в формате SIDE BY SIDE 3D или 3D INTERLACE, это могут буть 3D видео очки, 3D телевизор/монитор, 3D видео шлем и т.д.

The list of supported video glasses:

Side By Side 3D

Interlace 3D

2 AV 3D video modes

Fat Shark Dominator HD

Fat Shark Dominator HD 2

Fat Shark Dominator V3

Carl Zeist Cinemizer

Sony HMZ

Vuzix Wrap 1200

Vuzix Wrap 920

iTVGoggles WideView 3D

Oculus Rift DK1

Prober EVG 920


Fat Shark Attitude V3


Sky Zone 3D

 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 + Fat Shark HD


3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 + SkyZone 3D

You can also use The BlackBird 2 in the 2D video as a normal FPV camera.


Technical characteristics of the camera, taking into account the use of the standard M12 lens 2.5 mm

Video sensor


Aptina MT9V136

Sensor technology

1/4'' CMOS

Sensor resolution

680 x 512


11.9 In/Lux-sec @ 550 nm


45 dB

Mechanical data


23 g

Масса видеокамеры с кабелем

25 г.


59 mm x 28 mm x 27 mm

Interface connector

On board DF13-10P-1.25H, on cable DF13-10S-1.25C

Operating temperature

From -20 ºC to +50 ºC


Focal distance

2.5 mm


110º full frame

Type thread lens

М12 х 1

IR Filter on the lens

680 μm (day lens for color camera)



Electrical data


5V - 15V

Current consumption at 12V

150 mA

Power consumption at 5V

2.2 W

Power consumption at 12V

1.8 W

Video output

Video format

NTSC 525/60

Video output

1 x 3D-CVBS

2 x 2D-CVBS

Horizontal resolution



3D and 2D video modes

Side By Side 3D 

Side By Side 3D 16:9 Crop

Side By Side 3D 4:3 Crop

SBS manual croped

Interlaced 3D (field sequential 3D)

2D modes

Frame rate for each eye

60 Hz

Interaxial distance

42.0 mm

Adjusting the convergence


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