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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 1

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3D FPV camera The "BlackBird" is the latest 3D video camera for flight/ride in first person!

Using The "BlackBird" in his FPV system, You get an unforgettable experience of FPV, You will feel the speed, volume, distance - You'll look at the world the two eyes, so as originally nature intended!

In the chamber The "BlackBird" we used all their experience and provided the shortcomings of the previous models... It was truly worthy of a product is a breakthrough in FPV!

  • Image quality - 470 TV lines!
  • Small weight - 23 grams interface cable!
  • A wide range of supply voltage from 5V to 12V!

Using two identical high-quality parts, The "BlackBird" generates a signal in the format interlaced 3D (field sequential 3D), that allows to transmit it using the standard  video transmitters, which means You won't have to change transmitter for transmitting stereo image.

3D FPV cameras "BlackBird" compatible with video glasses:

  • 3D video goggles Prober EVG 920 - buy now!
  • 3D video goggles HeadPlay
  • 3D video goggles Fat Shark attitude V3

Install the camera on the RC quadrocopter, plane, car, tank and other radio-controlled models.

The "BlackBird" not protected from moisture and for installing on water models you should protect it from moisture.

It is also possible to use in video surveillance system.

The "BlackBird" has two distinct features:

  • mounting holes are located in the same places that of the regular security camera, which is often used in FPV, i.e. you can easily replace conventional camera in 3D.
  • Luggage consists of two detachable parts, which can be disconnected from each other. Separately parts don't work, but using the extension cable, you can post a camera at a considerable distance from each other, increasing the base distance between lenses - this can improve the perception of the volume at large distances.
Package contents:
  • 3D FPV camera The "BlackBird" - 1 pcs
  • Main Cable - 1 pcs
  • Power Splitter - 1 pcs
  • Simple Cable - 1 pcs
  • Connection cable 20 cm - 1 pcs
  • Lens cap - 2 pcs

Characteristics 3D FPV camera The "BlackBird":


Type sensors

OmniVision OV7950

The size and type of matrix

1/4'' CMOS

The size of the array pixels

656 x 492


3.0В/Люкс-сек @ 5600К

Signal/noise ratio


Mechanical and operational characteristics

Weight video camera

21 g.

Weight video camera cable

23 g.

Overall dimensions L,W,H

34 mm32 mm25 mm

Interface connector

На плате MW-3M, на кабеле MU-3F

Working temperature

From -20 to +70 ºС


Lens focal length

2.5 mm



Thread type

М12 х 1

IR Filter on the lens

680 mkm (day lens color camera)



Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage

5V to 12V

Consumption current, not more than

130 mA

Power consumption at 5V

0,65 Wt

Power consumption at 12V

1.56 Wt

Video output

Video format

NTSC 525/60

Video output

75 Ом, размах 1В

Horizontal resolution

470 TVL


3D format

Field Sequential 3D

Frame rate for each eye

30 Hz

Stereo base assembled

17,5 mm

Stereo base with extension

From 60 mm up to 2000 mm (depending on cable type)

Adjustment of convergence


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