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Available alpha version of the firmware BlackBird 2 support built-in OSD!

Hi friends. I am glad to present a new alpha-version of the firmware with built-in OSD support (only MAVLINK protocol supported, but we are working around UAVTalk protocol). 

BlackBird 2 built-in OSD!


DOWNLOAD BlackBird 2 Assistant!

To connect the BlackBird 2 to the flight controller, you need to use a full cable (see manual, paragraph 1.3). Full cable allows you to use all the contacts of the interface connector BlackBird 2. To use the full cable you will need a soldering iron.

To connect the BlackBird 2 to the flight controller, connect the GND camera (pin 2) to the GND flight controller. Connect MAVLINK_RX (3 pin) to the TX flight controller. To connect to the video transmitter to use the GND(pin 7) and 2D/3D video output (9 pin). To connect to the battery used GND (pin 5) and VCC (6 pin). 

When you update the firmware on the camera, there will be a 7 item menu - setting convergence OSD.

P.S. Before you connect the BlackBird 2 to a PC to update the firmware, read the USER MANUAL

If after updating the firmware on the camera no glow LEDs , not to worry, start the flashing process again.

Blog / News
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